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Drills for physical development

Drills for physical development

Drills for physical development

Body pattern development

Examples of exercises
1) Invite children to get to know their body and the movements they can perform with each part of their body (standing still, on the move, with and without the ball). Suggest in turn the movements they are not yet familiar with.

2) All types of walking (on hells, tip.toe, on the inside and outside of foot).

3) Walking forward or running forward, reverse walking, sideways, around or in the middle of the court, holding the ball high, low, behind the back.

4) Run, kicking backwards, holding ball behind back.

5) Run with knees high holding ball in front.

6) Walking or running, pass the ball around the head, the trunk, lower limbs, push it forwards, upwards.

7) Walk or run in the middle of the court holding the ball, with a musical background. Suddenly stop the music and watch the behaviour and reactions of the children, then start the music again.

8) The same-drill as above, dribbling freely in the court.

9) Walk holding the ball with the hands, roll it without letting go around body, squeeze it, throw it.

10) Walk holding ball between ankles.

11) Jump holding ball between ankles.

12) Crawling: carry ball between ankles, under tummy, roll over ball.

13) Game-drills for breathing training.

14) Sitting down, raise legs and pass ball under knees.

15) Lying on ground, pass ball under knees.

16) Lying on back, hold ball between ankles: lift ball to touch the ground behind head and return back.

17) Bend arms to touch chest with the ball and back.

18) Hold ball between ankles: raise lower limbs and sitting down, move ball to right and left.

19) Lying on tummy, dribble with right and left hand.

20) Squeeze ball with two hands for about 5 seconds.

21) Standing up, legs apart, hold ball high: bend waist and touch right foot and left foot with ball.

22) Lying on back, ball above ankles, raise legs and roll ball towards chest.

23) Ball on ground: try to “lift” it by tapping with one hand.

24) Dribble ball with feet, knees, head.

25) Raise ball high, let it drop and bounce on ground, touch it with head, shoulders knee, foot.

26) Ball held between hands: rapidly change hand position.

27) Roll ball around feet moving in the court.

28) Push ball forwards with head.

29) Place one hand on ground and use other to dribble and move.

30) Bounce ball on ground with fist, side on hand, back of hand, palm (standing still and the move).

31) Same game-drills as above with two fists, two sides, two backs of hand.

32) In pairs pass ball sitting down twisting trunk.

33) In pairs lying on back: A holds the ball between ankles, raises legs and passes to B who receives with hands; repeat.

34) In pairs: A with ball between ankles raises legs and passes ball to B who is standing; repeat and then change positions.