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30 exercises for shooting in Minibasket

30 exercises for shooting in Minibasket

1) Throw balls of different weights and sizes in containers, circles, baskets at different heights (from different distances).

2) Shooting-free at the basket.

3) Shooting at the basket from a bench.

4) Shooting into the squares of wall-bars, against numbers drawn on the wall, in circles placed on the floor, or held by another child.

5) Shoot balls trying to knock down pins, hit other balls, different objects (in place or moving).

6) Shoot in larger-than-normal baskets.

7) Shoot at different-size baskets without backboard.

8) Shoot at basket from different positions (facing, sideways at right, sideways at left).

9) Shooting at basket: competition with different scores depending on the results (2 points for a basket, 1 point if the basket rim is touched, half point if the backboard is touched). The team which manages to reach a set score first wins.

10) Shooting completion in front of the basket, shooting freely 91 point for each basket). The team which manages to score the most baskets in a certain period of time wins. The completion can be carried out from different distances, sideways to the right, sideways to the left, with or without using the backboard.

11) Free throw competition (individual or teams).

12) “21 game”: divide the children into 2 teams and line them up at 2 free throw lines. At the go, the first child in each line shoots (2 point for a basket, otherwise the child must go for the rebound an shoot again, getting 1 point if he score a basket). The second child begins to shoot when the first has either made a basket or used up his two available shots. The team which first scores 21 points wins the game.

13) “The world game”: marks several shooting positions around the area (numbered progressively) and begin the game near the basket. If the child makes the basket move to the different positions (or stops after a mistake). The child who first manages to reach the end at the circle wins. Those who miss have 3 shots from each shooting position and if they miss they can still move on to the next position.

14) “The triangle”: divide the children into 2 teams (one ball each) and line, under 2 baskets: mark 3 shooting positions (to the right, from the half circle and to the left) and start the game when the Instructor give a signal. The child cannot move on the next position until score a basket (3 non consecutive shots available). The team which passes through all 3 shooting positions and first reaches the final positions wins. It is not possible to shoot from a position if all of the members of the team have not made a basket from the previous position or have not used all of the shots available to them.

15) All of the shooting game-drills may be performed with two hands, one hand, one hand jump shot.

16) Throw the ball high, catch it and shoot.

17) Facing the basket, throw the ball high, pass under, turn, catch the ball and turn around again (use of pivot foot) and shoot.

18) Shoot at the basket with one eye closed and one open.

19) Children stand around free throw line (one ball each), back to basket and at the signal they pivot (front or reverse) and shoot.

20) Children face basket, ball behind them: at the signal they throw the ball from behind forwards (between legs), grab it and shoot.

21) Children face basket, holding ball between ankles: at the signal they jump, letting go of the ball with their feet, catch it with their hands and shoot.

22) Shoot standing on one leg.

23) Three point shooting completion.

24) Roll the ball towards the court, run after it, stop it (one hand in front and one hand behind) and shoot.

25) Shoot at the basket sitting down.

26) Throw the ball against the backboard, go for the rebound and shoot.

27) Shoot in pairs from all positions.

28) Teach shooting drills (position of feat, load, correct succession of pushes, flexing wrist, release, extension of arm) with analytical correction.

29) Competition shooting hooks from under the basket.

30) Competition of “passing and shooting” after the stop, from right and from left, with right and with left hand.



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