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Sand Basket the summer game

Sand Basket the summer game

I am Maurizio Mondoni, Coach and Instructor Minibasket F.I.P. and F.I.B.A. “Sand Basket” Ambassador.


Sand Basket, recognized by A.I.C.S. in 2019 as a sport and by Tarmak / Decathlon as an official technical partner, quickly became a reference for the national territory and the brand was exported to Denmark and was requested by other countries.

Basketball on sand, created in Caserta in Italy, by Gianpaolo Porfidia, was the great novelty of the Italian summer 2019 and from June to August were organized the “stages” of qualification in some regions of Italy and in September the national finals took place in Gallipoli: an intense and convincing path that finally helped to demystify the “taboo” of sand basketball.
About 1000, among professional athletes and simple fans of basketball, participated in the 1st championship “Sand Basket” which is ready to increase the numbers for the 2020 season and on the occasion of the last event, followed by TV from Sportitalia, a etè assigns the first title of champion of Italy.

The Sand Basket staff has left nothing to chance, has worked for a long time and with maximum attention to every detail and since 2013, numerous tests have been carried out to perfect what has officially become a new national sport.

Sand Basket is an aerobic-anaerobic and dynamic sport, is pleasure and competition, gives benefits to the whole body, develops the capacity for balance, coordination and reactivity.
The technical aspects were taken care of with the national basketball coach Raffaele Porfidia.

Anyone can take part in the national Sand Basket championship: professional athletes or not and simple basketball lovers.
Three are the categories:
– Mini (from 8 to 11 years old);
– Under (12 to 17 years old);
– Senior (from 17 years old).

The teams are composed of 7 players (4 on the field and 3 on the bench), substitutions can be made during the match (4 times of 7 ‘each for the Under / Senior categories and 4 times of 5’ each for the category Mini); the chronometer does not stop until a foul, a free throw and a time out.

Beginning of the game
The draw will be made to assign first possession of the ball.

The field
The playing field is a rectangle (20 mt. x 12). Inside there are no lines, the free throw line is marked on the side line of the field at a distance of 3.50 mt. from the baseline. The height of the baskets is 2.90 mt. for the Under/Senior and 2.50 mt. categories. for the Mini category.

Each basket is assigned a score: 1 point for baskets made in free throw, 2 points for all other baskets, 3 points for baskets made at a distance greater than 9.70 mt.
The free throw
The free throw is taken from a distance of 3.50 mt. from the baseline; after the free throw, there is no rebound and the throw-in is taken for the defending team.

The ball
For the Under/Senior categories, ball n. 6, while for the Mini category the ball n. 4.

Dragging the ball allows the player to move forward by rolling it over the sand with one hand (right or left) at a time. The ball cannot be blocked on the sand, but only dragged. If the ball is touched with both hands, this gesture is considered as closing the streak and the player can take either or three steps, or shoot or pass the ball.

Three steps
The player in possession of the ball, not in the process of sliding, is authorized to take a maximum of 3 consecutive steps.

Disputed balloon
A disputed ball situation occurs when the referee decides for the following reasons:

  • the ball leaves the playing court and the referees do not know who touched last;
  • a live ball is blocked between the ring and the board, except after a free throw.
    In the event of a disputed ball, to allocate possession, the draw will take place as for the start of the game.

Violations are breaches of the rules and provide for the conclusion of the action in progress and the award of a throw-in from the point on the edge of the field closest to the point of the infringement in favor of the opposing team.

For more information, can consult:
Website: sandbasket.com

Facebook: Sand Basket Italia
Instagram: sand basket_italia
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