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Sand Basket the summer game

I am Maurizio Mondoni, Coach and Instructor Minibasket F.I.P. and F.I.B.A. “Sand Basket” Ambassador.


Presentation Sand Basket, recognized by A.I.C.S. in 2019 as

Minibasket Game-drills for motor and body pattern development

Maurizio Mondoni – U9 – Game-drills for motor and body pattern development Minibasket

Game-drills for motor and body pattern development”, utilizing tennis balls,

40 drills for Defense and combination with dribbling, passing and shooting

DRILLS When playing, sometimes a team defends and sometimes it is an offensive position. Therefore, if a player has the ball he

30 drills for dribbling, passing and shooting in minibasket


1) Dribble freely in the court and at signal exchange the ball with the other children, then continue to dribble.

2) In

30 exercises for shooting in Minibasket

Shooting 1) Throw balls of different weights and sizes in containers, circles, baskets at different heights (from different distances).

2) Shooting-free at the

Drills for Minibasketball fundamentals

Drills for Minibasketball fundamentals Dribbling 1) Dribbling standing still, on the move, around the court, following the perimeter of the court, in the

Giochiamo a minibasket a 9-10 anni (Pesaro)

Pesaro: giochiamo a minibasket a 9-10 anni Esempi di esercizi 1) Palleggiare con un occhio chiuso e uno aperto (di dx e di

Minibasket drills


Drill’s examples

1) Blow balloons, blow through straws, and make noises.

2) Inhale and exhale with a single nostril, closing the

Methodology for teaching minibasketball



The principle underpinning this didactic progression is that of teaching Minibasketball to children, not in terms of the

Drills for physical development

Drills for physical development

Body pattern development

Examples of exercises 1) Invite children to get to know their body and the movements they