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30 drills for dribbling, passing and shooting in minibasket

30 drills for dribbling, passing and shooting in minibasket


1) Dribble freely in the court and at signal exchange the ball with the other children, then continue to dribble.

2) In pairs, one child stands with legs apart and stretches arms. Another child with the ball stands at a distance of 3-4 meters, At the signal, the child with the ball starts to dribble, passes under the arms of the child standing still, circles around the child, dribbles back, stops, pivots (front and reverse) and passes the ball to the other child who repeats the drill.

3) In pairs, one child with the ball and the other at a distance of 3-4 meters. The child with the ball starts to dribble and stops in front of the other and gives a hand-off pass. The other child starts to dribble while the first child reverse walks to the starting point and the exercise is repeated.

4) The same drill in threes, in four and in fives.

5) In pairs, side by side (one ball each), dribble and at signal from the Instructor, change place and dribble with the other child’s ball.

6) The same drill in 3-4 and 5.

7) The same drills walking, running in a line.

8) In pairs, one child dribbles simultaneously with two balls and at a signal passes them both to the other child, who dribbles in turn.

9) The same drill may be performed walking and running.

10) Repeat the didactic progression of the “tic-tac” in groups of two, three, four and five, introducing the dribble (dribble, stop, pass). Remind children to dribble with the right hand on the right and side and with the left hand on the left hand side.

11) Relays with dribbling, jump stop and passing in 2 and in 3.

12) The same drills, dribbling without a stop.

13) Line up the children at the 4 corners of a half court, one ball for each team. At the signal, the first child of each team stats and dribbles to the half circle, stops, turns, passes the ball to the second in line and runs back. The team which in a set period of time makes the most passes, wins.

14) The same drill, passing to the left and following to the left.

15) The same drill with the difference that after the stop the child must pass the ball to the line in front and follow the pass.

16) “Tic-tac” in 2 (in the form of competition and teaching drill).

17) “Tic-tac” in 3 (one way or forward and back).

18) “Tic-tac” in 4 (one way or forward and back).

19) “Tic-tac” in 5 (one way or forward and back).

20) Give and go in pairs: pass the ball and go shoot near the basket.

21) In pairs, one shoot and the others goes for the rebound and passes the ball out (3 shoots each, then change).

22) The same drill with the variation that the child going for the rebound passes the ball to the other who has moved outside the lane to shoot.

23) “Tic-tac” in groups of 2, 3, 4 and 5 from a rebound, a shoot by the Instructor.

24) “Weaving” in 3, 4 and 5 one way or forward and back.

25) Two lines behind the end-line, one child rolls the ball forward, the other runs to retrieve it, passes it to the first child who in the meantime has entered the court and plays a give and go (from right and from left, with the right and the left hand).

26) “Tic-tac” in 2, in 3, in 4 and in 5 with dribbling. Jump stop, pass and shooting (all types of shots changing positions). The progression follows the work done initially for the tic-tac in 2.

27) “Tic-tac” in 3, starting from a rebound, passing to the player who is in the middle of the court and who dribbles to the other basket, stops and passes the ball to the “cutter”. It is practically a fast-break, dividing the court into three parts (centre, right and left).

28) Game-drills dribbling, passing and shooting with variations:
• tic-tac in 3 with two balls;
• hand-off passing and receiving, then dribble;
• dribble, pass to support and shoot;
• pass to a teammate, follow to receive the ball and pass to the teammate who has gone for the basket;
• two lines from half-court, pass the ball to a teammate, follow and receive, dribble to get close to the basket and then pass the ball to the “cutter”.

29) “Four corners”: place the children in the four corners of the court (two balls). At the signal, the two children in possession of the ball start, dribble up to the half-circle of the opposite basket, stop, pass the ball and go to shoot receiving a return pass. This may be done from the right and the left, with the right and the left hand.

30) Combination of different types of dribbling, passing and shooting, shooting, dribbling and passing, etc. The combination of dribbling, passing and shooting must be explained to the children so that they understand their significance, the right moment to try them, how to chose the most appropriate, etc. As can be seen, during Mini-basketball practice a large variety of interesting, amusing and fin drills may be used.



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